Performance Development

JewFace is committed to workshopping edgy, intersectional, and identity-centered Jewish plays.

is a new theater collective aligned with ShPIeL that has two goals: to educate ourselves on Jewish theater and to incubate new short plays that encourage writers to create stories about controversial topics within Jewish culture.

The program is co-run by Los Angeles-based artists Casey Adler and Yvonne Cone. Their mission seeks:


• To support emerging Jewish writers
• To include non-Jewish writers interested in writing specifically about Jewish culture
• To create from a place of openness, understanding, and transparency
• To not tolerate prejudice in any form between members


Our 2024 Short Play Lab is developing 3 new short plays by Yvonne Cone, Lee Goffin-Bonenfant, and Emily Nash that will be produced as staged readings in LA in Fall 2024.

Photo Gallery: Staged reading of new jewish short plays developed by JewFace at Der Nister

(Photos by Zafi Ahmed)