JewFace: A New Play Lab

JewFace: A New Play Lab is a play/performance laboratory that encourages writers and performance artists to create topics that are on the edge, and even subversive about Jewish culture. In Los Angeles, JewFace is a branch of ShPIeL- Performing Identity, a non-profit theater company, in Chicago/Louisville. 

Questions or interested in taking part? Message our Founding Director:
Casey J. Adler —

A note on our name: we realize JewFace may strike a chord of controversy, however, the theater and film worlds are replete with non-Jewish artists performing as Jews in so-called JewFace. Whether that is right or wrong or somewhere in the middle, we do not take a firm stance, but rather, seek to highlight the need for Jewish artists to tell their own stories. Historically, in the late 19th century, Jewish performers did just that, performing in Jewish caricatures for the Yiddish theater. 

• Innovating work to bend genres of Jewish performance and theatre, with a clashing inspiration. 

• Creativity through the texture and inter-textuaity of Jewish thinking and performance.

• Exposing and revealing us to the essence of Jewish discourse and complexity.

• Stories that are courageous and delve into: the deeply personal, contemporary issues, reimagined historical narratives and new envisioning.